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1. Lights On by Nana Muse

I properly discovered Nana Muse a day or so ago. Man, I’m glad I did. Her latest release, Lights On, dropped on the 25th of October and is her first single release since her debut EP, Los Avalon, in 2018. This is an artist who knows who she is, and channels this through her own very specific brand of dream-pop. It’s like Lana Del Rey but less depressed and more bad-ass. Nana is a natural songwriter, judging by her previous tracks and this one, but her strong vocals and her extensive range add another layer to this track. 


2. Dm Me by Velvet Bloom

I have had this track on repeat since it’s release 2 weeks ago, and I still love the juicy blend of soul, jazz and pop. I can’t get enough of the musicality in this track, and there’s nothing better than hearing each and every instrument co-existing, drifting in and out in perfect sync. Each time I listen to this track I hear a new element, and I think that’s the beauty of it. I’m also not quite sure what the lyrics in the chorus are yet, but I enjoy these type of songs! They keep you guessing and it’s that much more endearing. Give it a listen, and if you don’t smile in the bridge at “come on, come on, come on!”, you have no soul. 

3. Trapped by Willowbank Grove

I’m loving this tune right now, maybe because of the jazzy guitar and vocals in the verse, or because of the abrupt change to rap at the one-minute mark. This song is a wonderful hybrid, that doesn’t follow any rules. It’s catchy and goes back and forth throughout genres like two kids on a seesaw. I can’t really say much else about it, and I don’t even know what to say. Nick said it was like “the Red Hot Chili Peppers meet The Arctic Monkeys”. Is that correct? Who knows. But it’s good, and it’ll get stuck in your head for sure. Give it a listen.

4. Impulse by Reilly Stapleton

This girls voice will captivate you from the moment you hear it. It has the depth of some incredible artists that have come before her, but most noticeably reminds me of Angie McMahon. Her lyrics are clear, and paint strong imagery throughout the track. 

The build in this song is incredible, and it makes you sit up and listen. This is the song you notice even when you’re listening to music passively. The ad-libs and build of the instruments around Stapleton’s voice drive this track to its conclusion, and it’s satisfying to listen to.

5. Half of What You Are by Colie

This track is mesmerising. Colie sounds a bit like First Aid Kit, combined with Haim. It’s a soft, folky pop and this track is beautifully sad, but also warm. The writing is similar to Diddiri and the aforementioned First Aid Kit, it’s natural and fluent, and doesn’t seem like it’s trying to be anything it isn’t. It’s true. I enjoy the references to peanut butter, and going fishing, and normal everyday things intertwined with what it’s like being in a toxic relationship (if this is indeed a toxic relationship…). This song really makes you think, and it’s a good one to listen to on long walks, or when you need to do some thinking and reach an epiphany in your life.

So, if you don’t know what to listen to, now you’re sorted. Go give these tracks a spin and as always, let me know what you think!


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