Marshall Street Studios was purpose built with the artist in mind. The main control room and tracking rooms were designed to minimise time spent setting up, and to maximise time spent actually creating and recording your music. All rooms are acoustically treated and connect to a state-of-the-art Presonus StudioLive 24 professional digital mix system. We also feature an extensive backline of microphones, instruments and outboard gear. For prices, please check out the rates page.

Marshall Street Studios offers field trips for High School and Tafe Students, designed to give them a hands on experience that they cannot get anywhere else. We offer 2 different programs that are designed to get students out of their regular environment and into an industry standard facility. Program 1 focuses on how to take a song from its inception through to its release. Topics covered will include songwriting, pre-production, recording, mixing and release campaigns. Program 2 will dive deeper into the complete recording and mixing process. Topics covered will include signal flow, microphone analysis, Digital Audio Workstations, signal processing and final mixdowns.