51: Music Industry Hangs #13 (ft. Brandon Stone)

This week Bennett Ferguson and Stu Watts are joined by Brandon Stone.

Melbourne artist Brandon Stone was raised on the north side, and it’s time for him to return the love the his home suburbs have shown him all these years. Following the success of singles FitnessAll Out ft Carlito Hendrix, and Front 2 Back ft Junor, his long-awaited debut album, ‘NORTHSIDE LULLABY’, a collection of epic tales about heartbreak, recovery, triumph and love, is due for release this January. Brandon’s always lived his life by the motto “No Rain, No Flowers” and it’s that motto that’s driven the creation of this project. Inspired by the likes of Drake and his affinity to home city Toronto, this album is a love letter to Melbourne, specifically its’ northern suburbs. The North is a family, and those from the area will be able to picture the places he’s talking about, and maybe even the people whose stories he’s telling. This album isn’t for the emotionally fragile – there’s a lot of heartbreak discussed and wounds uncovered.However, from heartbreak springs hope, and across the record, you’ll hear an incredibly mature 20 year old go from utterly despondent to feeling triumphant. It’s a redemption arc that mirrors Brandon’s own life, and he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s experienced some ups and downs. This record goes out to the ones that stuck by him that whole time.Having previously been endorsed by outlets including FBI Radio, Spotify and Apple Music, Brandon has been hearing the calls for this project for a while now, and it’s time that those calls were answered. If you’re looking for an album that proves the existence of light, even in the darkest hour; then you’ll want to spin this one front-to-back. The North is starting to make some serious noise, and Brandon’s carrying the area on his back. 

LINKS:Instagram: https://instagram.com/brandonstoneauSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2xLnJZODyKLRuxUrv63Qez?si=t9pqc109Qc2R-2xLr7PMAA

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