49: Music Industry Hangs #11 (ft. Matthew Craig)

This week Bennett Ferguson, Steven Canatelli and Stu Watts are joined by Matthew Craig.

Matthew is a youth worker and musician from Melbourne. With a background in law and a passion for urban culture, Matthew co-founded creative collective & independent record label R.E.A.L Music with his brother & fellow recording artist Junor in 2012.Following years of touring and a string of successful releases, in late 2016 the mixed race brothers launched AUD’$ (pronounced A.U Dollars) – Australia’s Hip-Hop Connect – an independent hip-hop media ecosystem comprising radio, tv, web & events all dedicated to highlighting the next generation of culturally diverse, global urban talent. 

Links:AUD’$ website: https://audollars.com.au/RMF website: https://realmusicfamily.com/Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4d5AICQyKWkPDYBooLmRlt?si=GyMUWAY-Qz-c6dWKXRou9g


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